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Growing up in California meant I didn’t have to experience a “real” winter. It doesn’t snow in San Francisco and so I only ever had to dress for cloudy or rainy days during the cold months. Coming to Colorado, I was completely unprepared. I didn’t have any snow clothes or jackets. I was worried that most winter clothes would only be sold in neutral colors and that I would loose color in the outfits I wanted to wear. Luckily, I found a Fashionista that proves it is possible to have color in your winter attire!

I instantly spotted this Fashionista walking to class because of the use of red in her outfit. The defining piece of her outfit is the brightly colored jacket. The vibrant red brings some life to the bleak winter weather. This Fashionista chose to pair this jacket with a red-toned plaid shirt. She decided to wear dark jeans to simplify the outfit and put the emphasis on the bright jacket. To keep warm, this Fashionista elected to wear a knit headband. The simple white headband with a brown flower design is perfect for the cold weather and adds the perfect touch to the outfit. She completed the outfit with cognac Steve Madden boots and a slouchy Marc Jacobs black purse.

If you want to have your wardrobe be as lively during the winter as it is during the other seasons, follow this Fashionista for a colorful look. For an alternative to a bright jacket, try a vibrant dress with black tights and combat boots. Make sure to stay warm with a long neutral-colored coat to tone down the brightness of the dress.

Remember that even during the colder days, color will always be your ally when deciding on ways to dress warm.


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