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It is cold out there, Fashionistas! Between the snow, rain and wind it has been a little hard to put fashion over function. Everyone just wants to be warm and dry. Those suede heels? They’ll have to wait till all the slush melts away. But this week’s Fashionista has managed to look chic and stylish as well as being weather appropriate.

This Fashionista has taken an all black outfit and made it pop with her blue coat and the various textures in her attire. She has paired leather with cotton and a knit. These different textures help break the outfit up a bit, and make it more visually appealing.

But the best part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her aforementioned blue coat. This coat adds a fabulous splash of color to this otherwise monochromatic outfit. This bright blue is winter appropriate, but not too bright that it looks silly. Black and blue makes a sophisticated color combination, and this Fashionista has paired the two perfectly.

If you want a look like this Fashionista’s, splurge on a blue winter coat. This is a great investment purchase; a coat really doesn’t need justification, especially if you’ve been on the east coast this past week. Blue is a nice color to go for because it is a little lighter than black, and therefore can add some spark to an outfit; however, it isn’t too outrageous. Blue is also an extremely versatile color that can be paired with black, white, gray or any other color in your closet.

If you want something even crazier, go for a red or other colored coat. If you don’t need a coat, a blue jacket can also be a great purchase. In any case, your outwear will be rockin’.



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