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We all have those days when we’re running late and rushing out the door. Whether caused by oversleeping or just misjudgment of time, these occasions call for fast thinking in the outfit department. We must find something to throw on that can stand alone and speak for itself. You can never go wrong with a unique, elaborate coat. Pile it over some basics and no one will care what is underneath.

This Fashionista mastered the lazy-day chic vibe. She admitted that she was up late the previous night and her outfit was not up to her normal standards. I forgave her because I was so in love with her white fur coat. Apparel-wise, the Fashionista started off plain and simple: a navy crewneck sweater and some black skinny jeans. The dark background of these basics provided the perfect contrast to make the white coat really pop. The coat was comprised of a soft fur, reminiscent of a shaggy dog. Its long length, combined with the fact that the Fashionista wore it open, helped her achieve a relaxed feel. Now, let’s talk about my favorite part of the coat: the sleeves. They were embroidered in dark pink and gold, complete with little mirrors and spiral shapes. It clearly had a vintage-inspired, bohemian look to it. The Fashionista then tied in the colors from her jacket with smart, yet simple accessories. She added maroon loafers, Ray-Ban wayfarers and several gold chains, all of which are undeniable classics.

The Fashionista’s coat is truly one-of-a-kind, but I found a Free People parka with embellished sleeves that is a close match style wise. When it comes to those days that you need to get ready in a hurry, start with some black skinny jeans and a V-neck sweater and polish it off with your own casual-cool statement piece. Trust me, even if you just rolled out of bed, you won’t look like it.


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