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There comes a time when we open up our wallets and well…they are virtually empty. For myself, these times seem to occur most often when I want to change up my look. Even though our wallets might not align with our desire to change our attire, that doesn’t mean an update is impossible. Sometimes all you need is to learn how to reinvent a basic item in your closet. A clever way to do this is by creating a knotted T-shirt.

This Fashionista turned what was an ordinary white V-neck T-shirt into a completely updated item by creating it into a knotted shirt. She did this by simply taking the corner of her shirt, rolling it and twisting it into a knot. This knotted T-shirt was paired with a high-waisted maxi skirt, simple brown sandals and a cute handbag. This Fashionista added some interest to her outfit by threading a scarf through her handbag and with the various bracelets she accessorized with. She also used her skirt to provide a pop of color in her outfit.

Creating a knotted shirt is simple, easy, cheap and the best way to renew your look when funds are tight. In terms of choosing the correct T-shirt to create a knotted shirt, virtually any will do. That being said, certain fabrics work better than others. A T-shirt which is made of very thin (almost see-through) fabric will twist most easily to form a knot. J.Crew offers thin T-shirts in both vibrant and pastel colors. A maxi, like this Fashionista’s, can be purchased at Charlotte Russe. To complete the outfit, a satchel purse is needed. Dooney & Bourke carries various satchel styles to complement any outfit.

Reinventing your look does not have to break the bank. Taking a basic staple such as a plain white T-shirt and changing it into an entirely new item, such as a knotted shirt, is a basic yet brilliant way to switch things up. Knotted T-shirts can be worn not only with maxi skirts, but can be paired over dresses to create an unique layering effect, or with high-waisted shorts. Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with a knotted T-shirt, and your wallet will thank you for it!


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