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As if it is not obvious, I have to admit that I have had a love for women’s fashion since I was pretty young. Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing for men’s fashion. My interest in men’s fashion has only started since my few years at college, and my interest comes from the huge difference it can make people carry themselves. I found this Fashionisto on what he explained to me as a regular day even though his outfit didn’t reflect what other college boys would describe as a regular day.

The outfit as a whole rather than one specific piece is what really makes it worth talking about. This Fashionisto claimed that he is not exactly interested in fashion, but he thinks that dressing nice can seriously change your attitude for a day. As the weather gets colder, it gets harder and harder for college students to care about their outfits, but this Fashionisto pushed that issue aside. He is wearing a button-down and sweater he purchased at J.Crew, and corduroys from Gap that create a not-too-casual look that is impressive and comfortable.

Corduroy’s should be every guy’s best friend. They are comfortable, classy and warm for our long upstate winters. Swapping out a pair of jeans for a pair of corduroy’s once a week could really make a big impression. They can be worn in an array of occasions including class, on a date or to your internship.

This week, take a few minutes extra minutes to plan out an outfit that will be impressive, even if it is just for classes. If you’re feeling eager, try this outfit with a pair of classic cords.

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