STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Classy, Colored Corduroys

Style Advice of the Week

Picture this: you finally wake up on a Monday morning after hitting the snooze button about five times. You haven’t picked out your outfit yet and unfortunately you don’t have a single pair of jeans clean because you forgot to do laundry over the weekend. Sounds pretty typical, am I right? This is a great start to the week considering your goal of the week was to wear real clothes to class instead of throwing on a pair of leggings, a T-shirt and your favorite pastel baseball cap like you normally end up doing when you’re caught up in your end-of-the-semester blues. What should you do now?

Instead of heading to your drawer in search of your favorite oversized T-shirt, head to your closet and dig out those colored corduroys. This is when having a pair of corduroys is clutch. Not only are they a great alternative to blue jeans which can be worn entirely too much in the winter months, they provide a splash of color which is completely necessary on those dark and dreary Mondays.

This Fashionista looks super classy in her coral corduroys. This look captures vibrant colors which can frequently be absent in classic winter looks. The coral hue brings a delightful reminiscence of springtime which can be appreciated during the cold month of December. She paired her corduroys with brown Tory Burch riding boots and a navy and white button-down layered with a navy V-neck sweater to give off a classic, tailored vibe. She finished off this tasteful ensemble with a cobalt blue crystal bracelet, a classic pavé link bracelet and large pearl earrings. This Fashionista shows us that colored corduroys are a perfect alternative to your blue jean blues.


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