STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Clark Kent in the Flesh

Style Advice of the Week

As much as it is unusual to admit, I cannot seem to resist a boy in glasses. The somewhat nerdy but still handsome vibe those small glass sight improvers give off is one to make me weak in the knees. If you’re a fan like me, then you understand exactly what I am talking about. With classes everyday and piles of work, partaking in the tedious act of putting in contacts day after day can definitely get old. While many view glasses as an easy fix to assist tired eyes, they assume sweats and a hoodie should accompany them. This however is drastically changing now a days. Glasses are becoming a major accessory of the fashion world and I could not be happier. With this in mind, I set out on a hunt around campus to find an eye-catching gentleman that fit the bill. I think it’s safe to say that I definitely succeeded.

From Warby Parker’s Burke spectacles to the ever-popular Ray-Ban Wayfarer, striking and attention-grabbing glasses are being seen more and more on and off the runways. While I don’t wear glasses on a regular basis (unfortunately!), I love blog searching and reading about the latest and greatest fashion forward frames. In bright colors, oversized shapes and varying patterns, every sight impaired fashion lover can discover the perfect specs for him or her.

Everything about this Fashionisto’s ensemble completely interested me. He played up the stylish formal look but did so in a way to add some fun and make his eyewear a major focal point. He paired slim fitting corduroy cuffed khakis with a red, white and blue simple plaid oxford and added his own twist by placing a light brown knit tie around his neck. To accessorize even more he paired black leather bluchers with dress socks of a crazy pattern. This is a great way to take the usual business footwear look up a notch and it’s super easy to do. He finishes his look with a three-button pea coat to keep warm on his walk between classes. By creating a unique business casual look, this Fashionisto worked around his stylish cheaters to make for a trendy and put together look perfect for a multitude of occasions.

To emulate a look similar to this, identify the type of style you wish to achieve and work with your favorite glasses to make it all your own. With an array of styles and patterns, transforming the fashionable yet laid back business look into a go-to staple outfit can be as easy as ever. This look is definitely a pleaser and should absolutely be a choice of Fashionistos here at the happiest of valleys. With the beginning of spring, I look forward to seeing more of you fashion loving gents rocking your best and most fashionable glasses to accompany your easy-going classroom business attire.


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