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Winter officially arrived here in Happy Valley as snow began pouring in during our game with Nebraska. Despite our loss to a very close match, I managed to find this Fashionista in winter chic clothing. Winter fashion is all about keeping warm while somehow looking cute through the bulky layers. This Fashionista’s outfit is a compilation of all the key items we need to survive this winter to look stylish yet, she doesn’t go overboard on any layering techniques.

The first item I’d like to talk about, which I’ve stressed in my other articles, is the peacoat! The peacoat is this season’s “It” coat, featuring a timeless glamour and the ability to pull any outfit together. This Fashionista wears hers in black, which is the simplest and best go-to color option if color blocking is not your forte. If you want to take a step away from dark colors, try a peacoat in fire engine red or nude tones as seen in Burberry’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection.

Cute tights are also an essential item for the winter. They’re a good way to switch from the usual black leggings or jeans to something more feminine and exciting. Now, I know you think that I’m crazy for suggesting something as thin and opaque as tights is a winter must-have, but thanks to 21st century technology and nano particles, wearing tights in the cold is no longer a difficult option. Thermal tights will keep you warm in the freezing cold; this Fashionista wears hers in black. Uniqlo has a whole line of thermal tights and leggings in various colors that you should definitely check out!

The last winter essential to have is the ankle boot. Ankle boots are ultra-versatile and come with the warmth of a normal boot without the bulk. Best of all, these go with almost any outfit, really! This Fashionista wears her ankle boots with her shorts and tights ensemble, which is a perfect outfit for class. Ankle boots will also look great with an outfit for a party or formal.

As a girl who has lived on a tropical island for six years, I had zero knowledge on how to dress myself for winter, but over my college years I have slowly learned and adapted to the styles of winter fashion. I have only listed a few winter fashion tricks and essentials, so let me know if you have anymore! I’m always open to learn new fashion trends.

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