STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Charming in Chambray

Style Advice of the Week

There have been countless amount of times where I’ve stared down at my closet and swear to myself that I have absolutely nothing to wear. While rummaging around a compilation of tops and bottoms, struggling for my OOTD ‘Outfit of the Day’ and at the verge of just going out in athletic pants and a faded T-shirt, the light bulb in my head illuminates my mind. Where’s my chambray button-down? During fall 2013, I purchased a chambray button-down shirt from American Eagle Outfitters and I must admit that it’s one of my most favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

Why? Because it’s so versatile and on days such as the one I described above, it’s the best piece to throw on over anything.  Let’s say you have a really cute dress you wore last weekend but you don’t want to wear it again the same way. That’s where the chambray button-down comes in to help transform last weekends dress into something totally new.

Take the way this Fashionista wore her chambray button-down as an example of one of the many ways to wear this classic piece and still look oh-so kawaii. Underneath she’s wearing a pleated floral skirt (Also a favorite for spring 2014) and sheer black tights. This is one of my favorite ways to wear this piece because while you still want to look cute and feminine, you don’t want to look as if you put way too much effort, adding a chambray button-down can make your outfit look effortlessly more casual. Another variation that I adore is pairing the chambray button-down underneath a sweater. Since we are still in winter it’s completely acceptable to pair this button-up with a cropped or lengthy sweater and a cozy beanie for colder days.

For spring 2014, designers like Donna Karan, Rebecca Taylor and Veronica Beard made sure to add more variation to this ageless piece. Of course, you can never go wrong with the traditional chambray button-down, like this one from Madewell. Although, if you want to be a little less traditional consider one with a pattern, like this dotted one that I also found at J.Crew. It would go perfect buttoned up and paired with a pleated skirt or left un-buttoned on top of any outfit. This ombre chambray from Bloomingdale’s or this dip dyed one from Saks Fifth Avenue would look ideal button-down and paired with a short necklace worn around the collar, with a pair of dark or white skinny jeans.

With this button-up you’ll have more time to get ready in the morning if you have early classes and you’ll never have to say “I have nothing to wear” ever again.  From dressing it down for class to dressing it up a little for the weekend, you won’t be disappointed with the countless amount of ways to wear this essential wardrobe item.  My style advice of the week is to seek for your own perfect button-down. Add jewelry, roll up the sleeves, tie the bottom ends together, wear it open, wear it closed and get creative! The chambray button-up is your paintbrush; make what you will with it and don’t forget to wear it with an effortless disposition.


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