STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Charismatic Crochet

Style Advice of the Week

Crocheting is a craft often associated with memories of sweet grandmothers sitting in rocking chairs creating scarves and beanies. However, these Fashionistas show that there is nothing old-fashioned about this texture. Crochet is the ultimate fabric this time of year because it can be worn in the form of a sweater, similarly to the Fashionista on the right, or featured as an embellishment, similar to what the Fashionista on the left is wearing. Whatever the weather may be at your campus, crochet is a trend that can be worn rain or shine.

If you have already started to get a taste of summer like we fortunate southern Californians, now is the time to start sporting breezy crochet tops. The Daisy Crochet Lace top sold at Cotton On comes in a gorgeous shade of peony, which gives it the ability to work as transition piece for spring. This top can be paired with high-waisted shorts, over maxidresses or used as a beach cover-up. Another option for those of you basking in the warm weather is this scalloped crochet skirt sold at Forever 21. An addition of this skirt to your wardrobe is to sure provide a pop of color. To showcase the vivid hue pair with neutral beiges and whites, if you are one to try more risks pair this bright piece with an equally bright neon for a color blocking effect.

If you are still experiencing wintery conditions, there is no need to worry, there is a vast selection of crocheted goods to keep you warm. This Sparkle & Fade sweater sold at Urban Outfitters is a great option for the cold weather season because it is long-sleeved but comes in a lovely lavender hue. No matter how frightful the weather may be, the color of this sweater will inject a spring awakening to your wardrobe and mood. Another option is this Kimchi Blue sweater also sold at Urban Outfitters. This piece is not only made of crochet but also uses crochet as an embellishment, which gives the piece a girly aesthetic. Bundle up in these sweaters and pair them with dark wash skinny jeans, boots as well as a military-styled anorak for a weather appropriate on-trend outfit.

Still associating crochet with fond memories of grandmothers? Did not think so. Incorporating this trend into your every day wardrobe is accomplished with ease because of the different garments made with this fabric. Whether worn as a focal piece or as component to a look, wearing crochet will add texture to your outfit providing you with a look that is sure to excite.


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