STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Channeling Flannel

Style Advice of the Week

We are half way through the semester and midterms are finally all over! It is time to take a little bit of a breather this week. Why not treat yourself to a grande iced latte at Starbucks or a large bowl of frozen yogurt as a reward?! Then, the best way to relax with your wardrobe is with a flannel. Flannel shirts are not only the ultimate relaxed look, but are definitely a popular trend right now. I love that flannels are the perfect balance of being comfy and fashionable.

This Fashionisto was spotted on campus wearing a fantastic flannel shirt. The flannel has a bold, contrasting look with it’s use of blue and orange, which are complementary colors. He pairs the shirt with a light gray pant and on his feet he wears some brown boots. To top off this chill look, he wears a gray beanie.

Flannel is so versatile that girls can pull off this look as well. Instead of wearing the flannel with a pair a pants, try it unbuttoned over a simple babydoll dress. Then, style it with some ankle boots and exchange out the beanie for a floppy hat.

A third way to wear a flannel shirt is a not so traditional way. This is the retro style of wearing flannel around the waist that has been a circulating trend recently. Wearing the shirt around your waist gives this nostalgic, grunge look that is reminiscent of the ’90s. Pair this look with classic Converse sneakers.

Flannels can we worn in so many different ways as well as with different styles. Besides it being such a great adaptable trend, the best part is it is for guys and girls both. So relax this week with some fashion-forward flannel!


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