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I remember when I got my first denim shirt. It was my junior year of high school, when I discovered it amongst a myriad of graphic tees, high-waisted shorts and flannels at Urban Outfitters. Chambray had just become a thing (at my high school anyway) and although the thought of a denim shirt reminded me of ’80s meets lumberjack, I was never one to doubt a trend. Chambray shirts are one of those things that your mom keeps around in her closet because, “They’re going to come back!” Many of those items, much to your dismay I’m sure, actually do make a turnaround into the fashion world. Chambray is no exception, and is quite possibly one of the most successful comebacks when it comes to trends.

Often times you see chambray coupled with bright colored shorts or pants. While this is an interesting contrast, I admired the way this Fashionista paired her shirt with simple basics. She wore her chambray button-down over a basic black tank and finished with white denim shorts. The items she chose to pair with her shirt serve to make it the main focus, rather than just a neutral template against a bold color. She carried a blue and white striped tote to hold her books and slipped on a pair of flip-flops for a perfect campus look. This Fashionista surely went back to basics.

Each piece this Fashionista is wearing is an essential item every woman should contain in their closet. Yes, I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it. Her black tank is quintessential for layering and also looks extremely sleek paired with skinny jeans and wedges for a night out. White shorts are also a necessary closet staple, regardless of the material. Whether they are denim, chino or linen, they are the ideal summer item to throw on for the beach or wear out to a casual dinner.

Chambray and denim shirts are one of the most versatile pieces a person can own. They look laid back and casual when paired with basics, as this Fashionista so stylishly displayed. As I said before, they are also great to pair with a bold color or print. J.Crew might as well be the chambray hub of every mall, because we carry these shirts in every style, shape, wash and print. Due to this, it has become my favorite thing to wear to work, preferably with a pair of printed pants or a floral skirt.

But, enough about me. My advice this week is to purchase a chambray shirt or dig one up from your mom’s closet. The opportunities are truly endless!

They also look great on Fashionistos too; pair with some khakis for a classic vintage feel.


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