STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Casual Easter Brunch

Style Advice of the Week

With Easter being this past weekend, I saw many girls wearing mint colored dresses and tribal print dresses. I noticed someone wearing something casual, but perfect for a casual Easter brunch with friends. Easter is the perfect time for wearing those dresses when seeing your family, but when your family is too far away, you settle for breakfast near campus with your roommate or best friends.

This Fashionista was wearing a pair of baby blue shorts, a gray top with crochet sleeves, a pair of flip flops and the cutest bunny watch. The watch was festive, but the color of the shorts were ideal for spring. Tthe sleeves on the top really dressed up a plain gray T-shirt, making it sweet and simple for any outing.

Easter is over now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own pieces of this outfit. So, if you want to look as cute as this Fashionista did, try these really cute Dittos Savannah Bleach-Wash Dolphin Short’s from Urban Outfitters. I mentioned in a past article that lace accents are a great spring addition. This top with crochet sleeves is just as great! It’s fresh and free so try this Straight Laced Top from TOBI. Although the top from Tobi isn’t an exact replica as the one worn by this week’s Fashionista, it is still super trendy because the accent is on the back rather than on the sides, making it super pretty.

The thing I love most about this outfit is that thisFashionista didn’t go to great lengths to look over the top and really dressed up. She kept it simple and it looked great that way. She even whipped out her cute little bunny watch, which made the whole outfit all its own.

My STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK is don’t be afraid to wear what you feel comfortable in. Also, go for something fresh now that it’s warmer out. The shorts and the crochet accents are all the rave this season.



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