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From runway to blogs and social media, kimonos are reaching a peek in trends everywhere. The hint of oriental fashion is a key contribution to making a statement this season. Kimonos are hitting everyday street fashion all around, but have you joined this craze yet?

This rapidly growing trend reminds me of the bohemian style, which has been seen throughout fashion for some time now. With lush fabrics that create a silk-like movement throughout the garment, kimonos reflect on the hippie, free-spirited drift of the boho look. A kimono correlates perfectly with festival wear, but can be also worn dressed up or down, making it easier to adhere to your own style. In some cases kimonos are even seen as a swimsuit cover-up, further demonstrating the diversity of the lightweight garment.

So, why have kimonos become so popular during this summer season? Every true Fashionista is constantly on a quest to discover the next major style trend that she can diversify to make their own. With this particular trend, one is able to take the garment and transform it into his or her own distinctive look with ease due its simplicity.

Layering is a fabulous way to add character to an outfit, but no one wants to wear too many layers during the hot days of summer. You can maintain the great look of layers, however, with the use of a light-weight kimono as seen on this Fashionista who has chosen to add some flavor to a classic summer combination of high-waisted shorts and a crop top. Kimonos are often seen with jeans and a sleeveless top, but the outfit combinations are endless; the kimono will always contribute to make any style stand out and shine among the rest.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “[It is important to be] comfortable because during the hot days of summer, sure you want to look good, but feel good too!”


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