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While I was abroad, I had the opportunity to visit my friends who are studying in London, and my ultimate goal was to pretend I was a loc. This being the case, we went to a ton of different markets and many different trendsetters seem to be pulling off this cape look. Many people have mixed reviews on the cape look; for instance, people claim you look like you are going for the superhero look or that you are late for a duel. However, I do not think it is by any surprise that top British Fashionistas, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller, have all been spotted incorporating the capes into their own look. Over the past seasons, some capes have become a lot sportier while others are tailored and sleek. You also have an opportunity to use capes that allow movement of the arms and can be dressed for day or night.

So while I was still on British kick, I could not help but stop this Fashionista when I saw her spin on the cape trend. I think that with any trend, it is vital to make sure you are able to spot it with your individuality and taste. I believe that this Fashionista performed this eloquently by purchasing a forest green cape, which helped bring out her eyes.

There are many different ways you can pull off this cape look and make it flattering. For instance, it is vital you wear a skinny silhouette underneath. Many runway shows have also shown the cape look with a belt in order to reduce any extra fabric. The short versions of the cape make it easy to toss on a scarf. It is also makes it easy to put on jeans and boots. Although this Fashionista has mastered the cape look for the daytime, many trendsetters seek out the cape for the night. So if this is more your scene, a skirt and sparkling shoes maybe your output. It is also vital to wear heels.


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