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While the state of Arizona isn’t exactly known for being a front liner in fashion trends, being sandwiched between both Colorado and California means students here bring together two very distinct styles. Loose silhouettes and free flowing tops are often sported around campus from the Southern California students, while those hailing from Colorado bring plenty of color, patterns and textures. A combination of beachfront casual and ski bum cool, both states promote free spirited trends that directly mirror their lifestyles.

This Fashionista initially caught my eye with her bright red shoes and contrasting emerald skirt, but as we talked I noticed subtle details in her outfit that really pulled it all together. Her patterned scarf breaks up the color-blocking in her outfit, while her off the shoulder crop top keeps things dainty and cute. Her tousled blonde beach waves also add to her air of California cool. An interesting fact, this Fashionista is part of the school’s cycling club and made her necklace out of an old bike chain.

While the combination of this Fashionista’s outfit is something I would have never thought of myself, it’s evident that she has completely mastered the art of throwing on multiple items and somehow making it look good – a skill I’ve tried and failed at many times.

Pairing your loose tops with equally free flowing skirts and scarves may be easier said than done, but that’s not to say it can’t be mastered. Whether you’re headed to the beach or even just running late for class, start with basics and then build onto that. A simple oversized sweater, tucked in or not, almost always looks cute with a statement skirt. Color-blocking is another easy trick for looking chic, but be mindful of overdoing it (think: Snooki). If you pair a yellow handbag with a blue skirt, make sure to keep everything else simple and scaled down.

Whether you reign from the West or just covet the style, the art of throwing pieces together in your wardrobe is a great way to ditch the redundancy of jeans and a T-shirt. It might take a couple tries, but who doesn’t love a good challenge?


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