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Unlike some winters, the current one has made sure that Chicagoans never forget what season it is. Mounds of snow have covered every inch of dead grass since students returned from break. My roommates and I embark on Homeric journeys each morning to campus, skating over blocks of ice and trudging over sidewalks that have yet to see a snow plow. Needless to say, my go-to sneakers and leather boots have not left the closet much at all.

For the longest time I rejected the idea of wearing work boots, the most visible brand being Timberland boots, because I thought that they were too ubiquitous and couldn’t possibly be chic. However, I was totally wrong, and have come to love incorporating them into my outfits and avoiding ruining my other fair-weather shoes. This Fashionista isn’t taking chances with the ice either, and finds a way to make her heavy-duty boots work with her otherwise minimalist, preppy outfit.

The great thing about boots like these, is that they don’t restrict you in terms of what types of pants you can wear with them. I usually wear skinny jeans, but I know that some people avoid wearing tall boots because they prefer a different cut and hate how they look tucked into boots. With work boots, I can still tuck in my skinnies, but I can also wear them with baggy boyfriend jeans and let the cuff rest just above the boot.

Like all boots, these are incredibly versatile, so wearing the same shoe every day doesn’t have to translate to wearing the same outfit all season! What I love about this Fashionista’s darker brown boots is that they are understated, meaning that they don’t distract attention away from the rest of her outfit. With her blue beanie and orange bag, this Fashionista hasn’t surrendered to the end-of-the-season blues. Hopefully she won’t have to wear her boots (as life saving as they are) for much longer.


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