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Winter can be a stressful time on a college campus. Not only is it getting uncomfortably cold and windy outside, but final exams are just around the corner. At this time of the year, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of wearing comfortable winter basics like leggings, sweatshirts and winter boots. Because of this tendency to migrate into warmer clothing come late November, I was pleasantly surprised to see this Fashionista on her way to class. Her contagious smile and bright green coat caught my eye amongst all the dark winter clothing on campus.

In order to beat the cold, this Fashionista layered wisely and chose cute winter accessories. What sets apart her outfit from others I’ve seen on campus are the details in her outfit. She chose to wear a lime green peacoat over her sweater and skinny jeans with a blue scarf wrapped around her neck to keep warm while walking and biking around campus. Her knit gray headband adds a touch of femininity to her wardrobe with its beautiful gray flower while protecting her ears from the infamous Madison wind. My favorite part of her outfit are her brown lace-up shoes. Many Fashionistas/os choose to put away their oxfords in the cold seasons, but this Fashionista rocks hers with a pair of skinny jeans. The detailing on her shoes and accessories add a touch of personality to a stylish cold weather outfit.

Instead of wearing only blacks and grays, take a note out of this Fashonista’s book and try some bright winter clothes to keep you warm. This blue coat from Macy’s, made out of wool with a shawled collar, would make any Fashionista shine on a cold windy day. When adding accessories, there are many options that will keep Fashionistas/os both stylish and warm. One of my favorite trends this winter is the reemergence of the beanie and I love the details on this gem beanie from Forever 21. Even though it’s boot season, don’t be afraid to pair shorter shoes with jeans or leggings, like this Fashoinista. Try some in bright colors, like these teal oxfords, to add a pop to your outfit.

Don’t forget to show your personality this winter and choose bright coats with detailed accessories to beat the cold!


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