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Snow and a three day class cancellation might be normal for mid-February at Northern universities, but here at Elon the students have been in disbelief and glee. At this point in a spring semester, most students are soaking up the warmer weather by sporting light quarter-zip sweaters and oxfords around the campus quads. With this past pattern of mild weather and quick winter turnover, most students have shoved their thickest coats and sweaters away into storage units and unruly closets. This year the snow is here (for once), the cold weather is here to stay and the best way to keep warm without your thickest gear is to layer up.

This Fashionisto mixes textures and woodland hues perfectly in his layered look. He starts with a navy plaid cotton button-up shirt paired with olive colored pants. The pants complement the shirt by bringing out the forest green stripe in the plaid. Next, he layers a green quilted Barbour vest over the plaid (similar to this) and finishes the look with a Tommy Hilfiger heather gray and navy color-blocked peacoat. He completes his look with brown leather Frye boots.

Flawless layered looks are hard to accomplish but this Fashionisto pulls his look together by sticking to a color scheme and focusing on the fabric texture of each layer. Throughout his look, he solely uses navy, gray and green hues. The base layer, the plaid button-up, incorporates every color used in his look and as he builds layers he emphasizes different colors, ending with navy and gray, the prominent colors in his base layer. This peacoat’s color-blocking not only brings the look full circle but also modernizes a boring outerwear staple. Similarly, each layer brings a different texture to his outfit. He starts with a simple cotton shirt and builds up with a quilted vest and a wool peacoat. Incorporating different fabrics brings more depth to a layered look and prevents each piece from getting lost within the look.

With layers and textures, it is possible to maximize your winter wardrobe without your thickest jackets and sweaters.


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