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Although the sun is shinning in the clear skies, the weatherman is still calling for warm scarves and outerwear. With that said, when you get a sunny day around here, any Fashionista’s first instinct is to wear her warmest spring inspired attire. Whether it is a bright coat or sweater, to accessories like scarfs bags and springtime shoe wear. Excitement for warmer weather around here is in full affect on Western’s campus.

This Fashionista’s turquoise peacoat and matching floral scarf is what caught my eye when passing by her on campus. She wore a black long sleeved thermal shirt to keep the focal point on her matching coat and scarf, and paired this outfit with a comfy pair of skinnies and black combat boots. Her H&M over the shoulder handbag is the perfect size to carry all of her every day essentials from snacks, chapstick and water to notebooks and her cellphone charger. This Fashionista happens to be an Aries, and I found her zodiac bracelet to be a nice added touch to accessorize an every day outfit with.

There is just something about turquoise light pinks and purples along with softer yellows that makes me look forward to spring time more and more. Something as simple as a bracelet or necklace with spring inspired colors and prints can really brighten your over all appearance and potentially another’s day as this Fashionista did for me. When you see someone in brighter and warmer colors during these cold wintery mix of slush and rainy days, you can feel warmer just by seeing someone’s smile and their attire. Although we may be stuck with all of this snow while wishing for warmer days and any chance of a sun in the sky, you will find Fashionistas all over campus dressing for brighter days.


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