STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bright Tanks and Classic Prints

Style Advice of the Week

It’s safe to finally say days of peacoats wool hats and snow boots are way behind us here in New England. Bright colors and prints are finally starting to appear more and more prevalent on campus and the Fashionista/o’s have been coming out of hiding. On bright sunny days like today, people seem to be dressing their best and leaving the pajama pants and oversized hoodies at home. I believe warm weather truly brings out the happier side of people and encourages them to dress bright and bubbly as well.

The Fashionista here was spotted catching up on her last minute assignments in her bright teal chiffon tank paired with a classic cheetah print infinity scarf. Her strappy teal and leather sandals were what initially grabbed my attention when passing her on campus. They are the perfect way to bring this vibrant tank and timeless scarf together to create the perfect off to class or on the go daily look.

With just a few weeks left in the semester, now is the time to get in all those outfits that you fell in love with but had no where to wear because the weather refused to go above 55. What I love about the warmer weather is the ability to wear a plain tank or T-shirt and just by adding a few accessories you can look like it took you hours to put something together. Alex and Ani accessories seem to be a popular trend on Western’s campus and this is most likely because they can be paired with just about anything in a Fashionista’s closet!


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