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Today’s STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK is all about going against the invisible rules set in fashion protocol that most of us unconsciously abide by. Some of these rules are desperately needed (my personal pet-peeve: wearing leggings with crop tops / tops that do not cover your rear end), while others are only limiting potentially genius styling opportunities. Today we are breaking the rule of avoiding a dark lip for summer. The dark lip was a trend that arose last fall and winter as the matte deep-colored lip perfectly complimented the rich palette of the seasons’ most hyped looks. This Fashionista is here to prove to you that though a dark lip may seem a bit heavy, but if styled the right way it can also compliment lighter and cooler looks for summer.

Opting for black as her dark lip of choice, this Fashionista shows us how to pull it off with a grungy outfit made complete with vintage-inspired accessories. The bases of her outfit are essential summer items – a fitted crop top and high-waisted denim shorts. With a vintage-y pleated blouse, she pulls these two essentials together and the soft pink color also works to balance her dark lip color with the rest of the look. The rocker vibe brought on by the black lipstick; however, is not lost in the details. This Fashionista’s black circle shades, and (most-likely) thrifted ankle boots give this outfit its cool grungy vibe and the straw boater hat is a nice touch for a summer friendly feel.

For dark lip colors, I recommend deep berry shades such as Soulfully Rich from MAC’s Pro Longwear line. To counteract the heaviness of the dark shade, bringing soft and light colors into your clothing choices is ideal. Visit your local thrift shop for unique vintage sundresses (or check out this one from Wasteland) to achieve the ’90s grunge look. Bring back the edginess of your dark lip with cool accessories, such as these cut-out booties and this quilted purse.

School’s out for summer and it’s time to start breaking some rules! Breaking a few fashion rules is relatively safe and won’t land us in too much trouble so the least we can do is try our hand at rocking a black lipstick paired with a standout vintage piece this summer. I’m sure everyone has that one rule they love to break; let this become another one of them and dust off the lipsticks you thought you had to wait until fall to wear again and explore the possibilities!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t try to match all the time, it’s good to be mismatching.”


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