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My favorite part of ordering a Starbucks Frappuccino is when the cashier asks for my name. OK, that’s a lie—my favorite part is licking the whipped cream off the top. But I must say, I do enjoy hearing them call out “Princess!” or “Beyoncé!” or whoever I felt like being that day.  It’s refreshing and exhilarating all at the same time, knowing for two minutes I can be whoever or whatever I want to be. Clothes are kind of the same way, in that if I’m feeling like Beyonce on Wednesday, I can put on my sequin tank top and some sexy heels. Then on Thursday when I’m exhausted from homework and anticipating the weekend, I can throw on my favorite boots and a beanie, rocking the hipster style. Both outfits are still me, but are also fabulously somebody else.

This week, that somebody is a handsome BYU boy. The hipster spectrum stretches far and wide, so I think with the beanie and fitted khakis, this Fashionisto fits the bit. I was immediately inspired by all of his contrasting layers and unique doodads. The watch and bracelet particularly sparked my interest, and let’s not forget the knit scarf. Bold accessories can make or break a look, but simple add-ons like these can turn a T-shirt and jeans into a stylish ensemble.

I came across an online dictionary that defined a beanie as “a skullcap formerly worn by children and college freshman.” Although the statement made me chuckle, it was actually spot on for this article. This Fashionisto’s beanie is what takes his look to the next level; from casual campus stroller to a model fresh out of the new J.Crew catalog. A white T-shirt and a plaid H&M button-up are both staples in any guy’s wardrobe. When paired with a light jacket and some Gap skinnies, this street style is nearly complete.

One way to add a bit of originality and edge to an outfit is to put on a good pair of boots. Cowboy, biker and even combat boots are all distinctive and bound to noticeably add character to your style. This Fashioisto’s Fossil boots are a fancy addition to his casual look that brings a nice touch to the final finished product.

My style advice for you this week is to be bold. Wear anything you want and be anybody you’d like. As my favorite pop star Ke$ha says: “There’s something about boots and boys.”


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