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When I was 15 years old my mom told me that I could get a tattoo. At first I was excited and surprised that she had given me the green light (I mean, I was 15!) But after spending some time researching what I wanted to get, I realized that body ink was something impossible to be done — I simply could not decide on what to engrave on my skin. Whereas this Fashionista seems to have an innate ability to choose what she wants stamped on her body. I think that is an admirable trait. In one way it shows that she can make firm decisions in her life and does not fear regret.

Also, if you have a lot of tattoos you can slack once in a with your outfit and let the body art be the spotlight of your wardrobe. As this collegiate has proven, all you have to do is wear a tank top and let the body ink do the magic. Maison Martin Margiela’s last spring couture collection was all about accentuating body ink. Or instead of drawing so much attention to your tattoos, you can make your body art act as accessories for an already powerful wardrobe like Marchesa and Tracy Reese showed in their spring/summer 2014 collections.

But if I had tattoos like this Fashionista, I would definitely try to highlight them as much as possible. Her collection of tattoos is so varied — she has inspirational phrases like “Carpe Diem”, “Free” and “Wild” mixed with pictures of a camera, two cats and a woman. Talk about a strong personality!



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