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Step into my time machine Fashionistas/os because today we are dealing with a comeback. Some of the newer comebacks I have been seeing around are ’80s-themed, such as feather earrings and big hair (Snooki, I’m looking at you). The trend we are dealing with today is often overlooked in the industry. It has been seen countless ways from inside the packaging of a Halloween costume to being front and center on the Paris runway. Yes, Fashionistas/os, the trend I am talking about is the school uniform.

If you attended a private school at any point in your childhood you must be familiar with the school uniform: white collared shirt, plaid knee-length skirt and penny loafers to match. What many who have attended private school also know is the rebellion that comes with. As a private school alum myself, I can proudly say I was a member of this reform. When the school uniforms were delivered each year, girls flocked to the tailor demanding the skirts to be transformed into minis, the sleeves pushed up on the shirts to give off a perfect grunge feel and the penny loafers to be traded in for Dr. Martens like this Fashionista’s to finish off the punk chic look we were all going for. It was the start of a new fashion era for girls aged 11 to 13.

This Fashionista puts her own spin on the school uniform. In fact, I spotted this Fashionista on a school field trip. She sported an adorable plaid miniskirt and paired it with simple black accents to match. A common rule in the fashion industry along with no white after Labor Day is no plaid after the holidays. Plaid is commonly associated with a grandmother sewing in a rocking chair. This Fashionista took plaid and made it hip by putting the fabric on a young and modern piece of clothing. If you are looking for a vintage feel in your outfit, plaid is always a good choice. Matching the mini with a pair of red gloves is a nice touch. It adds cohesion to an outfit that otherwise may have fell flat. Since the skirt is surrounded by all black, the red gloves add the pop of color needed so the skirt does not get lost.

Accessories wise, this Fashionista keeps it fairly simple. She sports a black shoulder bag with a gold accent and a simple gold necklace. A shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for anyone out and about. It can hold all the essentials (i.e. phone, lipstick and money) and fits comfortably on the shoulder without ever having to worry about it falling off.

That concludes our travels Fashionistas/os! If you are looking to make a change in your wardrobe, I definitely recommend looking at blasts from the past. It can never hurt and you never know when something is going to come back in style.


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