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When the weather outside is frightful, we as dedicated Fashionistas/os are constantly discussing fashionable ways to keep warm. The last two weeks, my STYLE ADVICE column topics have focused on cold weather outerwear. While outerwear is crucial for keeping warm while getting to and from classes during the week, it is also important to make sure you are dressed accordingly when the outerwear comes off and you settle into your desk for a boring lecture.

With spring right around the corner and a long winter almost behind us, it can be easy to jump the gun and begin sporting your new, colorful, light-weight spring gear. While I too am tempted by the pastel shades of skinny jeans that have been folded in my drawers for far too many months, nothing makes me shiver more than a Fashionista in a spring outfit on a cold winter day.

Even though we are now into the first few weeks of February and spring break is literally weeks away, this Fashionista didn’t let the spring-wear-itch hinder her loving relationship with winter’s number one staple item: the oversized chunky sweater.

This sweater screams winter with its chunky knit and nordic pattern. Such a pattern instantly makes you feel as if you should be sitting in front of a warm fire sipping hot cocoa as the snow falls outside your cabin window. Okay but back to reality… By pairing this sweater with thick riding pants, warm wedge boots and a collared shirt (for added detail), this Fashionista was more than prepared for the frigid temperatures on campus.

With a blanket of snow on the ground that seems as though it may never go away, open-toe wedges, bright colors and light-weight fabrics will begin to tempt you. However, just like this Fashionista, you must resist the spring-wear-itch for just a bit longer and pull out your favorite chunky knits before winter is over and you are forced to pack it away for next season.


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