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For some, summer is the highlight for wearing fashionable clothes, as everything seems to fit better and effortlessly in the months of June till August. Bright dresses, cute bikinis, sun-kissed skin and all things wonderful come with summer, but old man winter is giving summer a run for its money. This Fashionista is not letting winter get her down. She is tactfully and elegantly put together in black leather riding boots, slim-cut dark denim, a chocolate fur vest (underneath), a tartan scarf and a down-filled coat lined with fur to complete a stellar winter outfit that summer dresses will have to compete with.

Toronto has some wonderful vintage stores where you can find the creme of the crop for fur coats. In this negative, double-digit temperature, there is nothing else that will keep you warm. Fur can be worn as a full on coat or sparingly with a fur-lined trim. Courage My Love in Kensington and Common Sort has a choice selection of divinely glamorous fur coats.

Lastly, I love how this Fashionista is wearing her sunglasses. People tend to shy away from wearing them in the winter because you forget that the sun still shines, even though we don’t feel any of its heat. There are days when the glare reflecting off of the snow is too much, so wearing your favorite pair of sunnies is necessary and adds another accessory to your outfit. Keep them in your purse for those days when the day begins to shine and the snow actually looks pretty.


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