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Are you looking for a great way to stay warm this winter without the extra layers? This Fashionista is! Winter fashion is popular for its many layers of clothing and oversized jackets, but there are other ways to stay warm. The two must-have items this season are beanies and sweaters. This Fashionista combines both to create a casual yet comfortable look that is easy for anyone to wear.

Her beanie, bought at a local American Apparel store, is navy blue and ribbed. The ribbed texture attracts more attention to her beanie than if she wore a non-textured beanie. Notice her beanie is also folded up an inch, but if you like more extra room toward the back of the beanie I suggest keeping it unfolded. This creates a more relaxed look.

Now to my favorite piece – her sweater! Perfectly mixed with gray hues, this sweater looks comfy and cute. The three white varsity stripes near the elbows on the sleeve give just enough design to the sweater. Both her sweater’s varsity stripes and gray knit pattern get equal attention. This Fashionista found her sweater at Marshalls, but a selection of sweaters with varsity stripes can be found at stores like Forever 21.

If you choose to wear jeans with this outfit, dark jeans would be the best choice. The dark denim matches best with her navy beanie. If you would like to wear a lighter beanie than lighter denim would match better. Her women’s Timberland boots finish this outfit nicely. Any boots could work, but the dark beige color of her Timberland boots perfectly contrast against her dark jeans.

What I love about this look is the mixture of textures and boyish influence. Timberland boots can be worn by both Fashionistos and Fashionistas but dress down a Fashionista’s ensemble. My favorite piece of her outfit was her sweater because, like the boots, it’s not too girly. This Fashionista definitely found a way to stay warm this winter with a beanie and a sweater without bulking with extra layers!


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