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One of the best aspects of summer is that day-to-day life seems to slow down, people relax and everything becomes more casual. The warm temperature, the rays of sunshine and the salty breeze have the power to make even the most high-strung contenders take a deep breath.

Just like that, our fashion also reflects the changing seasons. While creating an outfit doesn’t become any less enthralling, the disappearance of winter allows for one layer of clothing to suffice. We can finally forget the hassle of finding pants, a shirt, a sweater and  a scarf that all match; a day at the beach calls for a day of easy, breezy, dressing.

This Fashionista threw on her “itsy bitsy teenie weenie” LBB (little black bikini) and knew that she was off to a solid start. On top, a tunic cover-up, especially in white, will keep you both covered and cool while potentially transitioning into a dress for the evening. Gladiator sandals are the “it” shoe of the summer and you can never go wrong with a natural leather color. Although accessorizing is a girl’s best friend, the beach isn’t good for your jewelry. Instead, find an item to spice up your outfit that can survive the great outdoors. This Fashionista chose a beaded headband that was functional and fashionable. It’s just as important to look cute while keeping the salt water soaked hair out of your eyes during a day at the beach.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think that comfort is the most important part of exuding good style. I don’t mean wearing sweats and a T-shirt, but feeling comfortable in what you’re putting on your body. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own clothing, you won’t come off as confident and confidence is something that looks good with every outfit.”


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