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Coats are a recurring topic when it comes to winter fashions and can sometimes be the only form of style expression during the season. I have previously mentioned coats that allow a Fashionista to stand out through its different colours, fabrics and specialty added details but have yet to include a fully patterned winter coat as an example. I was excited to stumble upon this Fashionista due to the fact that her faux fur leopard print coat will finally allow me to write about patterned coats. Patterns always involve risk-taking, and, when we’re talking about coats, it becomes comparable to that ever important leap taken before bungee jumping. In terms of right choices, this Fashionista just experienced the jump of her life. Her coat brought excitement and life onto an otherwise cold gloomy winter’s day.

Her coat not only resembled a leopard through its similar pattern but also through its fur resembling material. The coat’s mixture of pattern and fabric allowed it to be sensed at leopard fast speeds by the style taste buds in my eyes. A fully fur coat can seem to be a bit too extravagant for campus. Leopard print also has the potential to become overbearing. If fur and leopard are put into the same coat, how does the coat become the perfect amount of appropriate? And how can you incorporate other patterns into the outfit without overflowing it with content? The key is in the colours. This Fashionista paired her coat with black leggings, black studded boots, leopard printed fingerless gloves and a gray and maroon tribal patterned scarf. All these colours are muted and provide the perfect contrast against the leopard print and faux fur fabric. Since her scarf is not a repeated methodical pattern, it differed from the leopard print and formed a harmonious symphony of patterns against it.

Do you want to hone into your inner animal during this winter season? These three coats by Dorothy Perkins, By Malene Birger and NASTY GAL will enable to you tack this persona spot on.


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