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During the winter, a tough, urban look prevails on the streets of Madison amongst Fashionistas. It’s easy to throw on a pair of combat boots, a cool pair of black jeans and a military-inspired jacket, and then wear a big, dark colored coat on top of everything. While that certainly is a stylish look, and one that I often don myself, I find that I start to crave girly pieces around the end of January. Bring on some lacy, pretty flounce, please. The only problem is that girly pieces tend to be sweet, lightweight ones that wouldn’t let you last a minute out in the cold. What is a frilly Fashionista to do?

When I spotted this Fashionista walking down State Street carrying her brand new books for the semester, I knew she had found the answer. She picked one girly piece, her sweet, lacy dress, and layered it over a turtleneck sweater, tights and cool boots. On one of the coldest days of the year so far, she managed to stay warm with a sweet look. Layering is always the answer, isn’t it?

Gather some inspiration from this Fashionista and wear the girly pieces you crave now. Pair a lace dress with a cool army jacket, tights and a tough pair of boots for a look similar to hers. A chiffon and lace button-down seems like an impossible piece for winter, but if you layer it under a classic sweater and pair it with some leather pants, you would have a totally cool outfit that would keep you toasty.

Don’t let the weather dictate what you can and cannot wear; a few tricks and some clever thinking and styling will let you wear any piece at any time of the year!


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