Style Advice of the Week

It is easy to over think an outfit. Sometimes we form images of how we should look or what an outfit should accomplish for our daily persona. These expectations can often lead to frustrated minutes spent hurriedly trying on clothes in front of the mirror. Although this experimentation can create innovative outfits, I find that the best results come from keeping it simple. Just like when you throw a meal together with whatever is left in your fridge, and voila you have a delicious new recipe. In the same way, a new outfit composed of our overlooked staples can sometimes look the most chic.

For today’s Fashionista, this sentiment rings true. With a simple band T-shirt and a classic flannel, she masters the ’90s grunge aesthetic with seemingly little effort. Her ensemble appears casual and unfussy in the best way possible. Her burgundy, oxblood colored pants blend well with her red flannel and orange “Nirvana” print while her dramatic, lace-up boots exude the perfect amount of edge. She adds in a bit of glamour with her oversized, metallic tote and gold watch. Not to mention, she seals the deal with two dainty charm necklaces. This look is easy to pull off for even the most rushed students and that is why it resonates with me so well. The simplicity makes it a no-brainer.

Band T-shirts are a great way to support your favorite artists while adding interest to an outfit. Skinny jeans, especially of the colored assortment, are the ultimate complement to this musical statement. For a grunge look, like today’s Fashionista, throw on a flannel. If a sophisticated style is more your jam, then opt for a polished blazer instead. Throw on a few accessories, like this bold tote, and you are ready to head to class. Remember: the less you try to look cool, the cooler you look — one of those funny paradoxes of life. So, my advice this week is to embrace the irony and stop thinking so much. Instead, save that level of thought for the classroom.


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