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One aspect about fashion that I love, is the intersection between clothing and music. All musicians that I have the utmost respect for have also been trendsetters sartorially, as well as, through their music. I always think about Michael Jackson’s sequined gloves, socks and jackets, as well as, the uniforms of bands from the ’60s. Punk music has always had a super recognizable aesthetic, and has found mainstream recognition— most recently as the theme of the 2013 Met Gala. While the theme puzzled many attendees who were seemingly confused as to how to make a Valentino gown appear punk, the unofficial uniform of patchwork jackets and shaved heads is one that still appeals to me.

This Fashionisto’s outfit intrigued me because of all of the patches on his studded vest. I’m a huge fan of semi-DIY projects—things that let you integrate aspects of your personality, but don’t require more work than adding embellishments. He explained some of his pins and patches to me, pointing to one on his chest as his favorite. He described the depicted band, The Lawrence Arms, as, “A good punk group from Chicago.” While my knowledge of good punk groups is limited to “The Basics” tab on iTunes, I love that this Fashionisto’s love for music bleeds into his personal style, as well as, casual conversation.

While I would never advocate copying a style that feels inauthentic to you, integrating your music taste into your clothing is incredibly easy. I like to wear band T-shirts, as well as, incorporate pins of musicians into my outfits. It’s pleasantly surprising how many interesting conversations have been sparked by these pieces. Support your artists and possibly make new friends by proudly donning your favorite concert merchandise or semi-DIY projects.


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