STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back to the Basics

Style Advice of the Week

As the final chilly days in Miami come to an end, and by chilly I mean 60-degrees of course, students begin to peel their layers off. But I caught this Fashionista just in time before she tucked away her jacket and scarves for who knows how long.

I’m all about adding a splash of something colorful or patterned to a very simple outfit, and I think she did it very well! So let’s start from the bottom up. She decided to throw on a pair of basic white canvas Keds along with destroyed jeans, a white T-shirt and leather jacket. A light leather jacket is a nice thing to keep tucked away in the closet, and of course basics are always necessary to keep in the wardrobe. Then to adorn her neck, she draped an artsy-patterned scarf to accessorize. This is the perfect outfit for our unusually cold days in Miami, a way to keep you warm enough without burning up if the temperature decides to hike up randomly throughout the day.

I’ve also been a fan of ripped jeans forever, but instead of actually paying for them, of course people have found ways to get creative and make them on their own. When I did it, I found a cute pair of high-waisted Levi’s at a thrift store back at home in Chicago for $5. Definitely a steal. Then I went home, cut them up with a box cutter, splashed a little bleach on them and even threw a few studs on back when they were a trend around summertime. It’s definitely a fun and easy way to show off a little bit of your designer side. I know I loved being able to tell people I made them myself!

The 60-degree weather is over so unfortunately the layer must go. But if it does decide to visit us again, I’ll be sure to catch many more stylish Fashionistas around campus!


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