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Does anyone ever wonder how Britney Spears wore a denim dress to the 2001 American Music Awards? Better yet- does anyone ever wonder how Justin Timberlake wore a denim suit? I’m not judging; the early 2000s was a rough transitional period for fashion, filled with infamously questionable outfits documented throughout Pop Culture. Aside from the fact that it was a pretty hideous fashion choice, (at least it was only the AMAs and not the Oscars) I can’t help but imagine how uncomfortable that must have been. Some people think that jeans are restrictive enough, but JT managed to wear a whole suit made out of a stiff and tough material.

Denim is hard to work into your wardrobe, aside from the obvious pair of jeans. A chambray shirt is an awesome way to solve this problem because it gives you the look of denim without the weight (a chambray dress would have been a breeze for Britney to wear). For the record, chambray is not the same as denim. They may look similar from afar; however they are both fundamentally different in their weaving techniques. An easy way to check if a piece is denim or chambray is to turn it inside out; if it’s denim, the fabric will be woven diagonally. A chambray shirt is also a great basic piece to have in your wardrobe. It can be paired over a dress, layered with another shirt or worn on its own. Whether you’re a Fashionista or Fashionisto, basic items are a must in your wardrobe because you can create multiple outfits with these pieces. Personally, I’ve struggled in the past with buying on-trend clothing that I only wear once before losing interest and moving on to something else. After realizing that buying a new dress for every life occasion probably wasn’t the greatest financial decision, I decided to begin my search for basic pieces (and borrow trendier items from friends).

Basic pieces can be worn more than once because they are classic and won’t go out of style. Many different people have their own versions and lists of what these specific pieces are. For a while, the skinny jean was said to be a trend that would soon go out of style. However, since then they have worked their way into many closets as a staple piece. From celebrity designer Lauren Conrad to fashion consultant Tim Gunn, many people within the industry have created guidelines of what they feel are the best essentials for the most versatile wardrobe. Some of these pieces might include a white top or blouse, a dress shirt, a trench coat or of course, a little black dress with a classic cut that can easily go from day tonight.

This Fashionisto paired his chambray shirt with a tank top and corduroy shorts. The mix of textures was a subtle way to add depth to his look. The corduroy was a cool choice and it really gave this classic outfit a unique touch. He kept his accessories simple with a pair of aviator sunglasses, leather flip flops and a Burberry watch. His chambray shirt from Urban Outfitters had a red button at the bottom, which gave it an interesting and quirky twist. Overall, he did what many strive for and managed to blend comfort with style.

This summer, I challenge you to be basic. Invest in some wardrobe essentials and your wallet will thank you.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stay comfortable. You can still crush it without trying very hard by wearing basic pieces that have cool details.”


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