Style Advice of the Week

An evening out with your girlfriends. Anything that you could possibly fathom wearing is in the laundry. Nothing to step out in. Absolute nightmare.

All you have is your go-to white tank top. You consider wearing it yet again, but no! You’ve worn it to every place on earth – to the gym, to the hobby class, to your regular class. And your girlfriends won’t be too pleased to see you in it, for the thousandth time.

But what can you do? With your fingers crossed, you browse through the innermost recesses of your cupboard to luckily chance upon something – anything – that can come to your rescue. Sequinned leggings? Nah. Hawaiian skirt? Definitely not. Coloured animal print? Umm, maybe.

Move over leopard print, for zebra print and the likes. Though the thought of wearing zebra print, that too in different hues, might scare you for a moment; it is definitely worth the experimentation. Just make sure there isn’t too much going on – a basic white tank top with it will do wonders.

Your zebra print skirt. You pull it out, dust it off. Pair it with the tank top you have been thinking about all along. It actually looks pretty good, though a little detailing is still needed.  Add the tiny pendant necklace you heart, and your super-comfortable ballet flats. A scarf could come handy, too. And a structured leather handbag for a classy look. Whoa, you have managed to pull off the basic white tank top look, effortlessly, yet again! Kudos to your loyalty to this wardrobe staple!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The trick is to keep the look subdued and not too in-the-face. Loud is not what is going to take you far, especially when coloured animal prints are in question.”


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