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As a self-proclaimed fashion daredevil, there is rarely a time where I would encourage a Fashionista to blend in with the crowd. However, with the emergence of camouflage from the runways of Valentino to the streets of Cal Poly Pomona, “blending in” has become the trendiest way to stand out.

Camouflage is not a novel print. It is often associated with the army, hunting and other sports that require blending into nature. What makes camouflage a new and exciting prints is its use in everyday silhouettes. The featured Fashionista daringly pairs an army green camouflaged cardigan with basic pieces, allowing her to leave her mark as a trendsetter on campus. Interested in blending in in order to stand out? Look for pieces that incorporate this storied print for a trendy update to your closet.

This jacket sold at PacSun playfully takes its inspiration from a military jacket by using the camo print in a army surplus top silhouette. To avoid getting confused for an ROTC student on campus I recommend contrasting this jacket with girly textures and prints such as sequins or florals. If you are looking for a silhouette that is more relaexed try this classic T-shirt that incorporates the army print as well as leather accents. There is nothing that compares to the comfort one feels when being in a T-shirt and jeans. Wearing this camouflaged tee ensures that one will maintain levels of comfort while achieving a put-together look. Maintain the masculine nature of the top by pairing it with dark wash skinny jeans and a pair of laid back Converse sneakers. Like most uniforms and suits, you cannot have a top without the matching bottoms. If you are looking to update the denim in your wardrobe try sporting a pair of camouflaged print pair of skinny jeans such as this pair of Tripp NYC Camo jeans. In order to let the jeans become the focal point of the outfit pair these bottoms with neutrals such as a black tunic tank and patent leather flats in order.

Left, left, left-right-left is what your feet should be doing to the nearest department store. Make it your mission to incorporate this historical print in your current wardrobe. I promise you will not get lost in a crowd. Unless the crowd you typically hang out with is a forest of trees.


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