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Ever seen that kid that just looks so effortless in vintage pieces and great accessories you just want to try out? Artsy dressing is always so inspiring; artsy people push the boundaries a little bit and have great vintage pieces and jewelry that carefully express their personal style.

Fashion always gravitates towards the old, it’s an unending cycle of trends coming back in style like cropped tops or varsity jackets. With this trend recycle, it’s no wonder we are so inspired by vintage pieces. It undoubtedly gives us Fashionistas motivation to think outside the box and possibly even ruffle through our parents’ old clothes to find that perfect piece.

This is why our Fashionista is a great example of how to wear your vintage pieces, give them a modern spin and own your look like those pieces were made specifically for you.

Her denim on denim vintage pieces are a great spin on the current trend. Double denim is always difficult to pull off. My advice is to keep your denim colors either close in shade or far apart; I’m talking black jeans and blue denim shirt far. Going in between the two extremes can be very tricky with denim.

The true testament on how great your artsy collection is comes from your jewelry; try neutral yet structurally bold pieces like our Fashionista’s spiked necklace. After you’ve gotten your neck jewelry in check, don’t be afraid of getting really fun with your rings, stacking them up and wearing styles that you love.

Most importantly it’s always great to own a vintage jacket, it is guaranteed to make you standout. Our Fashionista pairs her denim on denim with a red jacket. The pop of color looks great with her overall look.

There you have it, inspiration from your trendy, artsy Fashionista. I’d advise you to get some inspiration while you walk by the next thrift store and if you don’t, you’ll always have your trusty sidekick CollegeFashionista to the rescue!


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