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One year ago, my best friend and I were in a thrift store in Colorado when we stumbled upon the coolest wolf print T-shirt in history. Although some people likely viewed it as an oversized and worn out cotton T-shirt past its prime, we saw the trio of vicious wolves that looked like they were tearing through the fabric with an angry vengeance as pure gold. Regrettably, neither of us bought the T-shirt since we couldn’t agree on whose it was and sharing it was not an option.

Weeks later, that top was all I could think about but it was already long gone. I scoured half a dozen other thrift shops for something similar, but was met with little success. Soon after, animal T-shirts of all varieties started popping up in a multitude of stores. The first one I bought was from Urban Outfitters, which offers a substantial variety, from cats to unicorns. The bigger my collection of these T-shirts got, the more I relied on them as my go-to wardrobe item for a unique and fun outfit.

I love wearing these gems with practically any outfit. From class lectures to a night out on the town, there’s an animal T-shirt for practically any occasion. When they’re really oversized, I love wearing them with leggings and Converse sneakers or boots. Nevertheless, with the right accessories, these tops can look unexpectedly put together and cool with dressier bottoms, like a tight black skirt.

Today’s Fashionisto shows off his patriotic spirit by wearing an animal shirt of a bald eagle regally dressed as a fighter pilot. It’s important to note that if he was wearing sweatpants, this outfit could easily look sloppy. However, he chose to pair it with khakis and Sperry Top-Siders, which instantly takes his look up a notch or two.

One of the main reasons I like this trend so much is because it goes far beyond just plain old T-shirts. Crewneck sweatshirts are another easy way to incorporate this wild trend into your closet. But the options don’t stop there. My current obsession, Wildfox Couture, combines dainty and girly styles with bold animal images. They transcend the whole thrift store hipster aspect of animal T-shirts and instead create much more fashionable products, from bathing suits to dresses and jumpers.

Though the animal T-shirt is a relatively basic wardrobe item, their versatility makes them a must-have for any college wardrobe. Dressed up or down, it’s key to remember that this trend is all about having fun and playing around.


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