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Hailing from the Midwest as I do, I know how to dress for the cold. I can bundle up with the best of them in my knee length puffy coat to the point where I am, in fact, unrecognizable. This winter, however, I want to do things a little differently. I’m sure when it comes down to it and it’s 10 below that I will break down and go full-on marshmallow woman (my term for the puffy coat, puffy mittens, scarf + snow boots look), but until then, I want to keep things warm and fashionable. My plan, you ask? Layers!

Until the unbearable frigidness of the standard Chicago winter hits, I plan on doing a lot of layering. This Fashionista is a perfect example of how to stay warm and fashionable. Her pretty caramel colored sweater is thick enough to keep her warm and throwing on a fur vest only adds to the look. This fur vest has a little bit of purple in it’s brownish color, which is a perfect accent against the neutral sweater. She’s wearing chunky lace up booties, balancing the whole outfit top to bottom. I love her gold jewelry, giving her cozy neutral look a little bit of glam. If you’ve noticed, I kind of love leggings. I think they are an easy base to an outfit because you can wear any pair of shoes with them and not worry about bunching as you do with jeans. They also don’t take any of the attention away from your “pop piece”, in this case the fur vest. Wearing one piece at a time that you absolutely love is important to creating an awesome outfit, but keep in mind to only try one, maybe two trends at a time as well. I recently was thinking that a flannel shirt with my new fur vest and leather leggings would be a killer look, but it was way too much all at once. Thankfully, I have some great roommates and plenty of full length mirrors in my apartment.

To prepare for the season, think layers. Start with a basic neutral, like this sweater from Forever 21 and begin putting pieces on top. This fur vest from H&M goes great over any simple sweater, while also helping to keep you warm. Infinity scarves are another go-to for the winter, so be sure to throw one on top of your outfit as a finishing touch. After that, put on your basic pair of black leggings and fall boots and you’re ready to face the cold Chicago air in style.


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