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Anyone who has a mere inkling of where my fashion preferences lie, will know that I adore nothing more than my nudes or neutral shades. Not only do they add a certain level of sophistication to anything and everything, they also possess the ability to pull an entire look together, while eliminating any chaotic clashes between pieces.

While I strictly adhere to the “one statement piece per look” rule, ironically, basic neutrals serve as the perfect blank canvas to go crazy on. If you ever need an excuse to layer an outfit (not that anyone ever needs an excuse when it comes to personal style), this is the green light you’ve been waiting for!

Most people’s perception of nude shades tend to mirror that of Holly Golightly’s when it comes to diamonds— that it’s tacky to wear them before you’re forty. Personally, I find that there shouldn’t be an age barrier to classiness. If you were somehow blessed with the foresight (unlike me) which allows you to skip that awkward teenybopper phase where you only wear neon tube dresses and rowdy stilettos for an entire era, then nudes be it!

This Fashionista embraces her neutral shades, and even adds her own unique spin to it. This proves that all the lovely shades of beige, mauve, taupe and gray need not be uptight and prudish. In fact, it can just as well accommodate your edgier outfit pieces as shown by this Fashionista’s ripped jeans, spiked sandals and oversized faded T-shirt.

Speaking of oversized, let’s take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is her tan YSL Muse bag. Often seen hanging off the arms of celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Kate Moss, the Muse has officially been renowned as a celebrity “It” bag. With its simplistic design and an array of muted shades, the bag blends in beautifully with any casual outfit—  making it ideal for Fashionistas on the go.

When it comes to neutral shades, rose gold hits the nail on the head. Hence, if you feel like your ensemble needs a little extra “oomph,” rose gold accessories like rings or cuffs are your best bet.

As college students on the cusp of adulthood, now is as good a time as ever to start building a wardrobe to face the impending wave of interviews, important meetings and networking just waiting to happen after graduation. Do as this Fashionista does, and work them nude shades in your own way!


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