STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All Roads Led to Leather

Style Advice of the Week

After living in Rome for a semester, I’ve learned a couple things about fashion from the Italians: black is always the answer, wearing sunglasses at all hours of the day is totally acceptable (and encouraged) and that you can never sport too much leather. I’m actually a freak for all things leather, whether it be real or faux. In my opinion, leather makes everything better—even the simplest outfits can be made 1000x times more appealing to me if there’s a little accent of leather. I guess you can take the girl out of Rome, but you can never take Rome out of the girl.

This fine Fashionisto’s ensemble is a fabulous example of what leather accents can do for an outfit. Take a look at his outfit without the letterman-inspired jacket: he sports a plain Henley with a simple pair of jeans and gray Vans. What really makes the outfit unique? The stylish and edgy letterman jacket with pleather sleeves! Sure, this Fashionisto would be fine with a jean jacket, but the leather accented coat really amps up his bad boy appeal. And everyone loves a bad boy, don’t they?

Although this Fashionisto is the epitome of the magical effects of leather, don’t fear if letterman jackets aren’t your thing! Luckily, leather accents are all the rage right now. I’m currently obsessed with my wool and leather winter coat because it tops off all of my looks perfectly, even if I’m just wearing a T-shirt and jeans!  New to the leather scene? Try a leather-trimmed top or skirt. You may just find yourself as infatuated with leather as I am! And Fashionistas/os, remember that you can never go wrong with a classic leather jacket. I think leather jackets are an absolute necessity and should be a staple piece in everybody’s wardrobe.

They say that all roads lead to Rome, meaning that all roads lead to crazy amounts of leather! I hope my obsession with all things leather has inspired you to be a little rebellious and take some risks with your everyday wardrobe and to never fear a little bit of adventure!


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