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Temperatures are dropping and the need for a jacket becomes more and more crucial. But picking the perfect outerwear can sometimes be a challenge. In the Midwest, you need a coat or jacket for the majority of seasons and weather. Rain jackets, windbreakers, snow coats, you get the idea.

In the past, I would always put outerwear at the bottom of my shopping list. I migrate towards a new blouse or pair of jeans instead of a new jacket or coat. I never found it necessary to think too much when deciding on what to get, because you only wore it when you were outside. But, as my inner Fashionista has evolved, I soon realized that my way of thinking was wrong.

A cute jacket can be the perfect addition to any outfit. It can give your ensemble that extra something it might have lacked before, all while keeping you warm and comfortable during those cold days on a spread out campus.

When deciding what kind of jacket is worth the purchase, I would go with outerwear that works with majority of your outfits. Choose a style, fit and color you love that can be rocked with anything from a dress, to a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I love jackets that have gold detail like this weeks Fashionista displayed. Whether you’re team gold or team silver, that little bit of bling can be so chic.

For a jacket similar to hers, I would check out this quilted jacket from J.Crew, this baseball jacket from American Eagle or this textured option from ASOS.


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