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The time has come, fashion enthusiasts.  Finals for the fall 2013 semester are here. Although I was angry last week for having two of my finals before finals week,  I can now appreciate what my professors have done for their students. As everyone is running around in a confused and tired stupor because they have a steady flow of exams Monday through Friday, I am fortunate enough to have three at the end of the week. After doing all of my “pre-studying” procedures (highlighting/making flashcards) I needed a break. As much as I wanted to get lost in or let the monster that is Netflix take over, I decided that I needed to brave the elements and take a nice, brisk walk around campus to get a breath of fresh air. As I was walking, I came to a realization.

“Helena, as shallow as this seems, only the clothes on the outside really matter when it’s freezing and you’re in a hurry.”

I let that sink in. After all, no one would see my brand new gem embellished oxford blouse under my black cape. Sure, I knew it was there, and I absolutely loved the shirt, but it was rather itchy with a cardigan and coat rubbing against it. A simple crew neck sweater would have sufficed. This week’s Fashionista was the queen of outerwear. She was truly the image of winter street style at Kent State University. The Fashionista wore a mash of all of my favorite things. Her ensemble was nothing short of magical. The Fashionista wore a pair of, what appeared to be, gray tights and a skirt, but was actually a pairs of yoga leggings with a skirt-like waistband. Attaining a pair of these would not only save you time on getting ready, but would also be much more comfortable. In addition to her super cool pants, the Fashionista sported a tan sweatshirt with a blue and cream jacket. Her accessories included a red, horned beanie, a black leather studded backpack and a pair of black ankle boots. I absolutely loved how she mixed different colors with different textures. Her ensemble was something fresh and new that she felt awesome in.

It’s cold outside fashion enthusiasts. Let’s be creative with our outerwear and accessories and ditch the intricate details on clothing that are three layers deep.  This winter at Kent is centered around two words: chic and comfort.


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