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As a platinum status frequent flyer on Delta airlines, I can safely say I have spent my fair share of time in airports. Whether they be located in Europe, NY, California, the Midwest, China or even Iceland, they are, for the most part, all the same— flooded with the most fascinating variety of people from across the world (and of course planes). That being said, I have spent plenty of hours observing the interesting blend of people while waiting for flights and I have had more than enough time to familiarize myself with the even more interesting garments that they choose to wear, that which I like to call “airport fashion.”

This Fashionista perfectly exemplifies all aspects of that which forms that basis of “airport fashion,”— comfort and layers in a sleek and put together manner. The outfit is centered around a slightly oversized, mesh gray V-neck T-shirt, which is the epitome of comfort. A simple V-neck T-shirt is perfect for any occasion and when it is paired with a black pair of jeans (as exhibited in this Fashionista’s outfit), you cannot go wrong.

Another vital piece of this outfit is the hooded plaid shirt, which is the go-to for a casual and comfortable ensemble. Plaid shirts take any outfit and in the blink of an eye, blend them into informal, everyday attire. Specifically, in the case of this Fashionista, the gray hood on the plaid shirt matches the gray t-shirt well and incorporates a sense of balance into the outfit. Additionally, if the plane gets too hot or if you are flying to a warmer destination, the plaid shirt can be taken off and tied around the waist, which in the past year, has come to be a widespread trend.

On top of the T-shirt and plaid shirt, this Fashionista is sporting another layer. She is wearing a lightweight army green and brown jacket. The lightweight jacket makes the outfit look more form fitting and sleek and is a necessity in the case of an air-conditioned plane or a cold point of origin or destination. Moreover, the colors of the jacket are very neutral and therefore can be reworked into the outfit regardless of any potential climate-enduced wardrobe changes.

The final must-have in “airport fashion” (and in this Fashionista’s ensemble) is a hat and/or pair of sunglasses. After a long (and possibly very early/late flight), chances are you will be exhausted.That being said, slipping on a hat or pair of glasses to hide the weary eyes and step off the plane with confidence. A pair of dark polarized glasses and a beanie or a baseball cap are my personal favorites because they look great with any comfortable, casual outfit.

Next time you are traveling, try throwing together a comfortable, informal and layered ensemble rather than the dismantled pajama or sweatsuit look. Just as the planes do, you too can use the airport as a runway.


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