STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Adventure in Suspenders

Style Advice of the Week

Before the age of texting and Facebook there were handwritten love letters and photo albums. This Fashionisto takes us back to a time when chivalry wasn’t dead and a pair of suspenders was the go-to accessory for a man’s outfit. The look is so unique that it has not yet appeared on the runway (that will all change once this post goes viral; a girl can dream can’t she?). Sporting a pair of the sophisticated item will instantly make you the cat’s meow. Due to the item being extraordinary it may be difficult to know where the best place of purchase is. As always this Style Guru has got your back.

If you plan on breaking out the suspenders on special occasions or more than three times a week then I suggest taking a virtual trip to the Trafalgar Store. The site has an endless amount of suspenders with fun and old-timey patterns. Check out the “May I have this dance” pair. The investment is definitely worth the feeling you will get when having everyone’s eyes on you. If you’re looking to spend less and still rock an awesome pattern I suggest this pair of black paisley suspenders. For those who are timid to take the plunge into wearing suspenders (looking like a stud can be intimidating) I recommend this simple vintage pair by ASOS. The solid color is a subtle way to break into the trend.

Can a Fashionista get on this trend? ASOS is totally on board with women suspenders. I love how it’s paired with a collared shirt. I have also just discovered this pair of leather suspenders from Urban Outfitters. To make sure you understand the gravity of the situation I am going to repeat: leather suspenders for women. This is hands down the most chic way for a Fashionista to catwalk in a pair of suspenders. Rethink your next belt purchase and go for a pair of suspenders instead.


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