STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Adding Pep to Your Step

Style Advice of the Week

The seemingly timeless peplum blouse, which has been a popular trend a while, is perfect for a warm and sunny day. With spring 2014 drawing closer and the temperature beginning to rise here in Texas, it’s time to ditch the oversized sweaters.

The peplum can be a flattering piece due to its slim top and flared out waist, which can extenuate the body. It’s perfect with a pair of skinny jeans, or as we’ve seen on the runway during New York’s Fashion Week, it can go with virtually anything. From shorts to wide-legged pants, the peplum beams with femininity and can be perfect for a day out or a night out with the girls. I loved this Fashionista’s peplum because of its bold pattern. It was definitely an eye-catching piece for me because it reminded me of the Blue Willow pattern, popular in the 18th century in England. This pattern is distinct for being on dinnerware and other fine china so when I saw it on this Fashionista’s peplum, I fell in love because it’s something you usually don’t see.

Peplums come in all sorts of unique patterns, cuts and designs. Take this fierce KENZO peplum from Nordstrom as an example of the unique patterns you can find. If you are worried that the peplum doesn’t fit your body well, perhaps try looking for one that is of the right length. Ladies, length is key. Make sure the part where it begins to flare out is actually at your waist, otherwise, it can create a frumpy and unflattering look. The perfect peplum is one that will give your body an hourglass shape. If you have bigger hips than try to find a Peplum that has less material (not necessarily shorter) around the hips, like this polka dot one from Forever 21. My personal favorites are this far-from-traditional design from NASTY GAL and this mesh trimmed one from Forever 21. All of these different styles only go to show that there are so many ways to recreate this trend that is far from ending.

My style advice of the week is if you haven’t already, go and find yourself a peplum top. It will be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and when you are looking for something particularly girly to wear, the peplum is the perfect choice.


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