STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessorized to Impress

Style Advice of the Week

Fashionistas/os who wear a chic pair of sunglasses, while walking to class ALWAYS gain at least 10 extra points of coolness in my book. Summer, spring, fall or winter, it really doesn’t matter—wearing shades is always the definition of cool and confident. Another trend I love to see on campus?  Students using a timeless tote or slouchy hobo bag instead of the universally popular backpack. What drew me in to this Fashionista was her assortment of accessories, including those fabulous Ray-Bans I envy.

It truly is a simple task to spice up a neutral-colored outfit with some killer accessories. I strive to look pulled together but still pretty casual for class; to achieve that look, I usually focus on the accessories, just like this Fashionista did.  Under her black parka, she sports a long cream cardigan and a navy cotton dress—a perfect canvas practically screaming for some trendy pieces. Along with her killer shades, she rocks a beautiful pair of gray slouchy boots that would pair perfectly with any outfit. To amp up the fashion factor, she wears my absolute favorite accessory at the moment: over-the-knee socks in a pretty shade heather gray. Not only do they keep her warm, but her socks make the outfit super stylish and unique.

To top off her look, she wears an adorable pair of thick finger-less mittens, which are both practical and charming. The final touch to her chic ensemble is her gorgeous camel-colored hobo bag, which can fit anything her heart desires. Never underestimate the power of a great bag when finishing off an outfit, it can always add a touch of whatever you are looking for whether it be sass, class or edge.

With her plethora of accessories, this Fashionista manages to blend a variety of neutrals cohesively to form a fabulous statement. Remember that no accessory is ever too trendy when paired with classic, flattering pieces and that they are the perfect way to show off your individual style. Take risks and transform your everyday walk to class into a catwalk for all of your amazing looks!


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