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When the stockings are taken down from the fireplace, the radio stops playing holiday hits and pine trees are left on the curb, we know that the Christmas season is coming to a close. It is now a much more difficult task to find someone sporting an over-embellished Christmas sweater, because the ironical and “adored tackiness” has transformed into plain old “tackiness”.

Although the season of giving has come to a close in January, the winter chill is still present. The season makes known its power through huge gusts of icy wind and low temperatures, expecting us to wrap ourselves in blankets cower in a hole. While spending a winter hibernating under quilts doesn’t seem like such an awful idea, most of us have to work, attend school and social gatherings.

This college Fashionista knows how to dress for January. She embraces the mysteriousness of the color black, letting her bright face and snowy hair shine. She wears a crushed velvet dress from a thrift store, black tights, and a black jacket for warmth. Her leather booties are practical for hiking to class, and keep her toes insulated. This stylish student wears her Grandma’s bracelets and a necklace from Forever 21. She is knowledgeable in the realm of thrifting and saving money, all while collecting unique and chic clothing.


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