STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Tribute to the ’90s

Style Advice of the Week

I don’t care what people say, loved ’90s fashion that consisted of exaggerated tacky apparel. Not necessarily the apparel itself, but the attitude that went along with the clothes was captivating. This era was either a hit or miss. Can anyone say bleached hair and man capris? Yet, the era consisted the birth of Total Request Live, raves and the classic Gameboy. Did I mention ‘N SYNC?

As you can tell, my obsession with the ’90s is to an unhealthy level. Therefore, when I found a Fashionista lookalike of Saved by the Bell’s Rachel Meyers, I had to take her picture. Listening to music, this Fashionista exuded a certain confidence and ease. She wore a plain hot pink cut-off top and high-waisted lightly washed denim shorts. She topped off the outfit with gray canvas sneakers, accented with quirky cobalt blue ankle socks. Although the outfit is fairly simple, it’s the combination that drew me in.

The ensemble is a ’90s twist on a plain T-shirt with denim shorts. Let’s face the facts; very short shorts are overrated and honestly uncomfortable. Why not take a couple of notes from the ’90s? Within the past year, high-waisted shorts, skirts and pants have consistently been seen everywhere. The reason lies in its flattering shape targeting your waist. If you’re petite (like me), the hemline lengthens your legs. If you’re ruler shaped, the shorts give you a curvier shape. Overall, the shape flatters. For the rest of the look, cut the sleeves off an old T-shirt and accessorize with prints. Pair with combat boots or Keds to add the final touch of ’90s cool.

In reality, I’m really a dork, so when I tie a flannel around my waist I feel like a super dork. Super dorks are cool, right? Personally, I usually lean toward textures and prints to add that final interest in an outfit. However, I’m finding creative ways to use my clothes in different ways. I’m excited to trend start these new off-beat combinations. My wallet definitely appreciates my tribute to the ’90s.


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